Cast Your Fate To The Weezer

It’s been a very long time since I entered a mashup contest at Mashstix. The last time I did that, I ended up winning. I was hoping to continue that streak; that task would have been easier if there weren’t thirteen other entrants!

Truth be told, the theme of January’s contest, Decades, was pretty great. Suppose you made an A/B mashup and one of your sources was from the 90s. Your other source could come from the any decade up to and including the 1970s, or from the 2010s. However, the 1980s and 2000s would be off limits. These rules were more complicated as the number of sources increased, but you’ve got the basic idea.

I didn’t plan to enter this contest, but once again, a trip to the library sparked a mashup idea. I ended up pairing a jazz song from 1965 with an alternative rock tune from 2001. If that concept sounds as interesting to you as it did to me, you’re my target market for this release.

Photo credit: Matt Schilder (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)



Nothing To Fear But… (Part 2)

Almost two weeks ago, I wrote this blog entry about temporarily letting fear stop me from joining Mashstix, a community of mashup producers with very high standards for getting featured on its Frontpage (FP). Given those standards, I thought it would be a while before I had a chance at appearing on it.

Fortunately, the events of this week have proven me dead wrong.

On Monday night, I finished a new mashup, “E.T. Eats Peanuts.” Thanks to the chosen instrumental (“Linus And Lucy” by Vince Guaraldi Trio), I had a feeling that I had something special on my hands. However, being a Mashstix member for less than two weeks, I didn’t expect much. The next morning, I posted a link to my mashup on the forum and hoped for the best. I told myself that I’d be happy with at least one FP recommendation, but I knew I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get the two required for an actual FP appearance.

Before I woke up on Wednesday, thanks to DRA’man and SpareElbowSkin (who, I should mention, was gracious enough to review my first Mashstix submission even though it wasn’t his style of music), I got the two FP recommendations I was hoping for. In the nearly three days since its placement on the Frontpage, my new mashup has received 558 plays and counting. Let me put that number in perspective: one of my previous mashups, “Take Me RoboPimpin’,” has received 378 plays on SoundCloud since I released it about one year ago. It took much less time for my new mashup to top that total!

This is what can happen when you look fear in the face and tell it to piss off. I look forward to more pleasant surprises in my mashup career.

EEP Mashstix FP

New Mashup: “E.T. Eats Peanuts” (Katy Perry vs. Vince Guaraldi Trio)

I got an idea a few weeks ago which didn’t quite pan out; I hit a creative dead end when I reached the third verse. However, after indefinitely putting that idea on the back burner, I got another one which was so ridiculous that I couldn’t stop laughing when it came to me.

Having already done a mashup where I had to split the acapella into many sections, I was up for the challenge of doing it again. It was much harder this time, though; I ended up timestretching different sections within acapella sections. It wasn’t easy, but after many hours tweaking and retweaking, I’m very proud of what I’ve come up with.

Ladies and gentlemen, my latest creation…


Katy Perry – “E.T.
Vince Guaraldi Trio – “Linus And Lucy