Game Mashups

In my younger days, game music sounded just as good as what was playing on the radio. Heck, it may have even sounded better, which is why I used my cassette recorder to record what was playing in my younger days. I’m pretty sure that my first exposure to drum ‘n bass came from Mega Man 2, particularly the Air Man, Bubble Man and Wood Man levels.

I’m pretty sure that these days, music from games sounds a lot better than what’s currently popular. In some cases, it actually contributes to popular music. (Bonus points if you can identify the game behind that song!) Below, you’ll find the mashups where I’ve used game music.

Sonic Starships | Download
Game: Sonic Adventure

Kill The Final Deceptihog | Download
Game: Angry Birds Transformers

Unstoppable World | Download
Game: Angry Birds Transformers

What Vesper Has Done | Download
Game: Duet

Beat My Hot Streak | Download
Game: Angry Birds GO!

Super Wannabe Bros. | Download
Game: Super Mario Bros.

Shadow Night | Download
Game: Mega Man 3

Fallin’ For Kraid | Download
Game: Metroid

Wide Cargo | Download
Game: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

We R Angry Birds | Download
Game: Angry Birds


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