Ninja Tune Mashups

I still remember that Saturday afternoon…

In my younger days, I made regular visits to record stores in downtown Toronto, one of which included the Sam The Record Man near Yonge & Dundas (R.I.P.). There were listening posts throughout the store, one of which had a new release from Amon Tobin called Permutation. I figured that I’d give it a chance and see if I liked it.

It didn’t take long for the album to tighten its grip; the second track, “Bridge,” had me bobbing my head in a public music store. Fast forward to the present, where I own seven of his albums and three of his EPs, plus albums by other Ninja Tune artists like Bonobo and Cabbageboy. I’m not as gung-ho for the label as I used to be, but it’s safe to say that when Amon Tobin and Bonobo release albums, I’m going to buy them. (Side note: I never thought that Kelis would end up on the label when “Caught Out There” was blowing up, but she’s there now.)

As much as I like to diversify my mashup sources (instrumentals in particular), there are some wells I keep returning to and the Ninja Tune label is one of them. With that in mind, here is a listing of the mashups I’ve done thus far with Ninja Tune sources in them. The most recent mashup is at the top.

This playlist is also available at my HearThis page.

Help I’m Nasty | Download

Hot N Cold Eyes | Download

If You’re Gone | Download

Piranha Shake | Download

Pink Koala | Download

Yellow Nova | Download

Broken Telephone | Download

Virgin Marks | Download

I Don’t Switch | Download

Need Your First Fires | Download

Big Furry Fox | Download

Tightrope Revolution | Download

Wide Cargo | Download

Take Me RoboPimpin’ | Download

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit Ketto | Download

Power Monks | Download


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