Nothing To Fear But…

In January, I took my annual break from social media for forty days and forty nights. On the third day, I was walking through a mall when I suddenly started thinking about my life and the decisions I had made up to that point. Among the conclusions I made was that I was letting fear run (and ruin) my life. Doing this made me miss out on at least two great opportunities: being Jully Black‘s photographer and dating a woman who definitely had a thing for me (and I knew it, too).

Even though I’ve been working on defying my fears this year, I slipped up a few days ago. I was visiting Mashstix, a community of mashup producers where you can get your work critiqued and featured, among other things. I was gung-ho about signing up until I saw this forum post, which suddenly made me very nervous due to the high standards therein. At that moment, I decided not to join the community and went to bed.

The next morning, while I was giving myself a haircut, I checked and reprimanded myself for letting fear motivate my actions. I joined Mashstix a short time later. At this point, I’ve given feedback on some of the mashups and I’m getting ready to make my first submission.

As someone who used to give and receive harsh and detailed feedback at dnbscene as Charlie Van Pelt, I have no right to be apprehensive about it now.


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