I’m A Fugitive

Proving that history repeats itself, HearThis is now removing mashups due to record companies’ enforcement of copyright. Since February 8th, I’ve had six mashups removed; that number is sure to increase in the coming days.

In its early days, HearThis was touted as a bastion of safety for mashup producers. However, I always suspected that the same copyright tsunami which attacked sites like SoundCloud and Official.fm would eventually come to HearThis. Since my premium account is up for renewal, the timing of these removals couldn’t be more perfect. I haven’t made a firm decision yet, but since I have no reason to believe that HearThis won’t end up like SoundCloud, I’m leaning towards letting my premium account expire.

I’m tired of being a fugitive. Websites like HearThis and SoundCloud were necessary evils, but I’m starting to think that they’re evils which I can live without. That’s probably an unrealistic and risky idea, but no more risky than looking over my shoulder for copyright enforcers every time I upload a mashup.

As for this blog, if all else fails, I can transition it to literature. I did name myself after two literary characters and I’ve recently started writing entries about books I’ve read. Anything is possible.


SoundCloud Zero

It’s been one month since I left SoundCloud. I don’t regret doing that; it’s nice to release mashups without worrying about possible takedowns. That said, YouTube sometimes blocks my work, but their blocks aren’t usually worldwide.

Even with that benefit, there are still consequences to deal with – specifically, lost opportunities for exposure. I’m grateful that sites like MashupCiti are willing to take submissions from HearThis, where I feature my mashups. However, if any given site exclusively accepts SoundCloud submissions, I’m out of the race before it starts.

I recently found out that Nerdist started a Mashup Mondays feature. I should be happy about another opportunity for people to hear my mashups, but all of the selections have been sourced from SoundCloud thus far, so forgive me for not leaping for joy. Unfortunately, MOARRR does the same thing for Illegal Sunday.

By the way, Nerdist, here’s a side note. Mashing Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” and Duran Duran’s “Notorious” is not “jarring and strange.” I can think of a better word: lukewarm.

A Few Updates

I’ll keep this entry brief.

I recently started a Facebook page for my mashup alter-ego. Feel free to friend me; unlike my personal Facebook account, I’ll take on (pretty much) all comers.

Also, MP3s at my SoundCloud page were 128kbps, but yesterday, I switched them to 320kbps. This means that no matter where you hear my mashups – SoundCloud, The Stix or HearThis – the bitrate will always be 320.