Passed Over

I was going to wrote a morose blog post about how I’m always passed over for things like jobs and romance, then I got lost in a whirlwind of Ellen DeGeneres clips on YouTube like this one.

A few hours later, I don’t feel like writing that post anymore.

So…as I listen to RushJet1’s latest album which just dropped (get it…that’s an order), I’ll just say that my night could have been much different (i.e. worse) if it wasn’t for the many Ellen clips I perused.

Dream big, folks.


New Mashup: Shadow Night (RushJet1 vs. Zedd & Hayley Williams)

I’ve always had a thing for 8-bit Nintendo music; I remember taping it by putting my old radio to my stereo’s speaker. Music from Mega Man 2 and 3 has always ranked near the top of my favourites list.

A few months ago, G3RSt used music from Dr. Wily’s castle for one of his mashups, “I Don’t Care For Dr. Wily.” Thinking about it one morning caused me to search for other remixes of Mega Man music. I eventually landed on RushJet1’s Bandcamp page; he has two albums of remade Mega Man music, among others. Since the music from Shadow Man’s stage is one of my favourites, I checked out RushJet1’s re-interpretation. Instantly, another mashup idea was birthed.


RushJet1 – “Shadow Man
Zedd feat. Hayley Williams – “Stay The Night