One Hand Clapping

Thanks to Facebook’s Real Name Policy, I’m locked out of my mashup Facebook account. I can no longer log in to it using my mashup alias; I now have to provide my real name. If I do so, Facebook may ask for identification in order to verify it. Since I believe that it’s ridiculous for a social networking site to force its users to use their real names and possibly provide ID, I choose to let that Facebook account gather dust.

I firmly believe in the stance I’m taking, but it comes with inevitable consequences. The one which hurts the most is that I have lost a significant promotional avenue for my mashups. I used to look forward to posting my work to the mashup groups I belonged to. These days, my only opportunities to promote myself come from this blog, Mashstix and HearThis.

My frustration is magnified when I finish a mashup which I feel really good about. To wit: I submitted my entry for a Mashstix contest yesterday. This month’s requirement is that for A/B mashups, each source must be separated by at least two decades. For example, if I use a song from the 70s, I can mash it up with songs from the 50s or earlier and the 90s or later. The only two decades from which I can’t pick songs are the 60s the 80s. This rule becomes more complicated as the number of sources per mashup increases, but I’ve explained the gist of it. Since my entry fuses a jazz song from 1965 with an alternative rock song from 2001, it definitely satisfies the criteria.

I’m waiting until the contest ends before I decide what to do with my mashup, but no matter what direction I take, I already know that I’ll miss out on valuable Facebook feedback.


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