Ever Powerless

Two months felt like forever.

After releasing “The Good, The Bad & The Bananas,” I struggled to come up with a worthy follow-up. It’s not that I lacked for ideas, but none of them inspired me to bring them to completion. On top of that, my employment situation started to improve, so I had less time to devote to the mashup scene. This meant that weeks would pass where I wouldn’t even log in at Mashstix, let alone give feedback on submissions. In my worst moments, I thought I was done with making mashups. Perhaps I’d exhausted every good idea and it was time to bid adieu to yet another creative pursuit.

Thanks to an ElectroSound mashup from last year, I started considering possible matches for a Linkin Park song called “Powerless.” However, this song’s odd verse structure further limits the number of songs it can be matched with. One of those songs was an old Moby song which I hadn’t listened to in many years. One morning, I fooled around with it to see if I could make it fit Linkin Park’s song.

This unexpected moment of creativity ended up being a long-awaited breakthrough.

EP 500
Photo credit: Chris Ford (CC BY-NC 2.0, image modified from original)



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