Bugler’s Yell

Some people can’t live without coffee; others can’t live without sex. I, however, can’t live without a good book. The simple act of reading pages of words written by someone else can be an immersive experience. This was the case with Billy Idol’s autobiography, Dancing With Myself. Naturally, I started vetting mashup ideas involving Mr. Broad, but apart from a possible match with Bonobo, none of them were shocks to the system.

Fortunately, the same day that I started reading the book, I listened to a John Williams greatest hits CD. Mr. Williams is the composer behind well-known music from films like E.T.Jaws, and Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Until recently, I had no idea about his contributions to the Olympics. While Leo Arnaud originally composed “Bugler’s Dream,” Mr. Williams rearranged it, coming up with the version which NBC uses in their Olympic television coverage.

I previously matched this Olympic theme with “Eyes Without A Face,” but it was the pairing with “Rebel Yell” which passed my gut check test and made me laugh before I heard the result.

BY 500
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons (image modified from original)



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