Take My Medicine

I ended my social media hiatus a few weeks ago; I’ll have much more to say about it in a future blog entry. However, I’ll say this much for now: I had a four-day temporary job at a record label when I decided to return. That gig is over, but I’m now taking a free online course…

This latest mashup is the first one I’ve completed since ending that hiatus, but the idea actually came to me last year. I didn’t think that it was good enough for me to pursue, so I scrapped it. However, it boomeranged earlier this week during a shower. I still had misgivings about it; given my goal of releasing mashups I can stand behind, would this one be the “Piranha Shake” of 2015?

Given the vote of confidence I received at Mashstix, I don’t think I had anything to worry about.

TMM 500
Photo credit: Garrett Coakley (CC BY-NC 2.0, image modified from original)



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