I may have got my hopes up too quickly when I wrote this entry. I accepted a temp job which I would have started on April 20th, but after dealing with intense second thoughts, I turned it down. However, another temp agency has taken me on; I remain hopeful that these will be my last days of unemployment for a long time.

In the meantime, I continue to seek songs which may turn into mashup sources. As you may know, I frequently turn to the cinematic world for this purpose. For example, after my interview with the temp agency yesterday, I went to a nearby library to do a few puzzles. Inevitably, I had a look at the music available, even though I didn’t intend to do so. I ended up borrowing soundtracks from three movies: Jaws, Gravity and The Virgin Suicides.

These days, I listen to new soundtracks for research purposes instead of pleasure. However, the latter two soundtracks are proving to be more than just possible sources. I’ve already seen Gravity, but nonetheless, “Shenzou” and “Gravity” alone are worth the soundtrack’s price of admission. I’ve never seen The Virgin Suicides, but since DRA’man mashed up “Highschool Lover” last year, I had a small idea of what I was in for. Surprisingly, as I type this blog entry, I’ve listened to the entire soundtrack for the second time. …And yes, I wish I got to “Highschool Lover” before DRA’man did.

I’d be happy to buy a used copy of The Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Heck, I’d also be happy to see the movie, even though its soundtrack’s last song gives away at least some of the plot.


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