Help I’m Nasty

This year, I’m aiming to make less mashups with Ninja Tune sources. However, there’s a good reason why I still go back to that well. Given the choice between the hottest current instrumental and anything from the Ninja Tune catalogue, I’ll take the latter any day.

I’ve wanted to mash Amon Tobin’s “The Nasty” for a long time, but the combinations I came up with didn’t warrant the effort of completion. About one month ago, I had a brainstorming session where I came up with some good matches, including one with a Metric song called “Help I’m Alive.” The resulting title would be “Help I’m Nasty,” which I thought was funny.

I rejected this idea at first, but it boomeranged. When that happens, I don’t let myself reject the idea for a second time.

Photo credit: Dru! (CC BY-NC 2.0, image modified from original)



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