Begin To Hope

As you may know, my search for gainful employment has been unsuccessful so far; I hadn’t even scored an interview before yesterday. On top of that, my annual social media cleanse is still in overtime. Not only do I still not know when it will end, but I’m actually missing some people this time…deeply.

In the midst of that perfect storm, I’ve had a few reasons to be more hopeful than I’ve recently been. I’m not just saying that because I started a new mashup which I will likely finish. I thought my career prospects were really bleak due to my lack of current references, but on Tuesday afternoon, I partially solved that problem. Not only that, but during an appointment with a career counsellor yesterday, I was referred to an agency which was holding a job fair. I knew nothing about the fair beforehand, so I didn’t have any resumes or references on hand. I also didn’t have a chance to prepare for an interview, but even so, I’ve been assured that this agency will be in touch with me very soon.

I’ve had enough disappointments in life, so I am not one to get my hopes up before possibilities become guarantees. Nonetheless, after my recent experiences with overwhelming sadness, this small ray of hope is more than enough to light up the darkness.


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