I’m Still Gone

I’ve walked away from all social media at the beginning of every year since 2010. No Facebook updates, no tweets, no Instagram uploads; the only noise I make is radio silence (and mashups, obviously). In the six years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve increased the duration of these breaks. The first one lasted for one week; last year’s was two months.

Since 2014 was one of my worst years, I decided to add a twist my current hiatus. If I got a new job or started going back to school, I’d return on March 1st. If not, I’d extend the break until the start date of my new job or my new classes. As you may have surmised, the latter scenario is the one which is happening now.

I’ve been tempted to return, even though the above conditions haven’t been satisfied. However, since I’d be coming back with my tail between my legs, you can forget about that. Despite the days where I really miss certain people, when I make promises, I tend to keep them no matter what. This case will be no different.

Unfortunately, this desire to return in a position of strength is not without costs. I sometimes wonder if keeping in touch with my Twitter contacts would have helped me land a job sooner. As for my mashups, I have less avenues to promote them. For example, I believe that “Lone Shot” is one of the best mashups I’ve ever done, but I can’t promote it nearly as much as I’d like to.

I continue to hope that I’ll be able to get a job (or go back to school) and end my social media hiatus, but until further notice, I can’t come back.


2 thoughts on “I’m Still Gone

  1. Hey there!! something drew my mind to you today and I peeked to see if there was still silence. Sad to see there was on twitter, but glad to see you’re updating here. Do keep in touch, luv. I miss your content!!! (and yes, may social media might help you land a ‘gig’…I need a marketing guru asap…know anyone?

    • Hi, Stefanie. Thanks for reaching out.

      I’ve recently been trying my luck via the temp agency route; I had a very good meeting with one this morning. I can’t guarantee anything at this point, but I do hope to return to Twitter soon. I’m honestly not trying to beat any records for spending time away from it.

      Take care…

      -SP (@TsarKasim)

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