Canada Reads 2015: Day 2

The pre-show lineup was much smaller than it was yesterday. I guess all of the Intolerable supporters stayed home. (That book was eliminated yesterday.)

In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned the good first impressions made by Martha Wainwright and Elaine Lui. Today, both women came out swinging; at one point, they came out swinging against each other. That was surprising in light of the alliance which they seem to have formed.

Ms. Lui was particularly fierce in her defense of her chosen book. There was one particularly passionate exchange between her and Craig Kielberger. Lainey is not a shrinking violet, but Mr. Kielberger deftly defended his book against her jabs and got in a few of his own.

After two lively debates, it was time for each panelist to vote. When the first four panelists did so, there was a four-way tie between the remaining books. If that wasn’t enough drama, the panelist breaking the tie was…Lainey

Obviously, When Everything Feels Like The Movies wouldn’t be eliminated today…

Today’s eliminated book:
The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King.

I did not like this book; I couldn’t even finish it. However, given Craig Kielberger’s deft defense today, I’m not happy to see it go. After Martha Wainwright admitted to voting strategically – against Mr. King’s book, I might add – it’ll be interesting to see if she allies herself with Lainey again in an attempt to eliminate Ru.

If Cameron Bailey wants his book to avoid elimination tomorrow, I think he’ll have to be just as fierce in his defense without forsaking his gentlemanly and articulate demeanor. There is no question that the Wainwright-Lui alliance will be broken.

The only question is when.

Panelist Kristen Kreuk is on the left. Unfortunately for both of us, Intolerable was eliminated yesterday. Of the three Canada Reads books I’ve read, it was my favourite.

That’s Craig Kielberger on the right. I made sure to let him know that even though I didn’t like his chosen book, his defense of it was great. Ergo, I was very sorry to see it eliminated.


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