In A Crowded Market

I had the pleasure of attending an interview with Richard Ouzounian and Soulpepper Artistic Director Albert Schultz. During the event, Mr. Schultz said something which I added to my list of motivational quotes on my cellphone: “In a crowded market, you need to be bold.”

As I’ve already implied, the world of mashup production is a crowded market. However, if the reaction to my latest mashup is any indication, I don’t have any problems with standing out in that field.

If only I could say the same about my job search.

Since losing my previous job almost one year ago, I’ve been sending resumes without a single response…actually, that’s not entirely true. One employer showed interest in my services, but she was in another province. Perhaps I should make like Xingyi Yan and take an unorthodox approach; if my current strategy was any good, I’d be working by now. It’s easy to criticize people like Ms. Yan for being “too out there,” but remember – her approach worked.

Besides, in a crowded market, you need to be bold.


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