Hard Choices

Disclaimer: Hillary Rodham Clinton did not ghostwrite this entry, but she’s free to write a comment about it.

In my previous blog entry, I stated my belief that the next James Bond theme will inspire a lot of garbage mashups. I suspect that their producers will be motivated by the desire to “go viral,” but that’s never a good reason to make a mashup. You’ll likely end up with weak dreck like this.

Combining two viral songs must have seemed like a good idea at the time.

Lest you think I don’t see the three fingers pointing back at me, my own discography is tainted by this motivation. Let’s examine the mashup I made combining songs by Justin Bieber and Lady Antebellum: “Need My Baby Now.”

I thought that this mashup’s genre clash would absolve me of any accusations that my motivations were less than pure. Fortunately, I haven’t faced any (yet), but I’ll be transparent and say that the possibility of going viral fueled this mashup’s creation. I guess that’s my way of acknowledging that it shouldn’t have left my hard drive, but given the choice between this mashup and “Piranha Shake,” I’d choose this one every time.

Back to that upcoming James Bond theme: I suspect that I will enjoy it, but I don’t think I’ll use it in any of my mashups. There’s a small chance that I’ll use the acapella, but only if I can do something really bold with it. Given my goal of differentiating myself, choices like this are hard, but necessary.


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