Beaten To The Punch

One of the advantages of using obscure and unexpected sources is that the risk of being outdone by other mashup producers is greatly reduced. To wit: in 2013, shortly before I released “…Skyfall One More Time,” I discovered another mashup which used the same songs as mine did – i.e. “…Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears and “Skyfall” by Adele.

Mind you, that happened before I really dedicated myself to diversifying my sources.

Nowadays, I don’t feel the need to beat anyone to the punch; it’s easier to knock listeners out when they don’t know what to expect. Even with that, the risk of someone getting to a source before you is never completely erased.

Recently, I listened to the Django Unchained soundtrack and tucked away one of its songs for future use: “Too Old To Die Young” by Brother Dege. Unfortunately, I found out that Fissunix got to that song before I did…two years ago. :-/

Further research indicates that he’s not the only person to one-up me. So much for that idea.

Side note: when the next James Bond theme arrives later this year, don’t be surprised when it appears in a lot of substandard, predictable and lukewarm mashups.


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