2015 Mission Statement

My hiatus from making mashups is over…actually, I’ll release a new one tonight. My mission hasn’t changed; I seek to differentiate myself from at least 95% of mashup producers by releasing unexpected combinations. This doesn’t mean I’ll never make mashups like “Get Confused,” but I’ll make them less often than mashups like “I Don’t Switch.”

This year, I don’t plan to make 37 mashups again. Most of the mashups I made in 2014 were very good, but I can think of a few like “Piranha Shake” which shouldn’t have left my hard drive. At the end of 2015, I want to be able to stand by every mashup I release. If that means scrapping ideas because they’re less than great, so be it.

Lest you doubt my commitment to my goals, I’ve already scrapped one mashup idea. It was called “My Little Scientist” and it would have combined songs by µ-Ziq and Coldplay. As I put it together, it struck me as boring, so I nixed its completion. Heck, I have another idea involving a Bonobo song which I may put together. However, after making four mashups with his music in 2014, I don’t need to start a new year by using one of his songs.

You can expect greatness from me in 2015.


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