The Kind Of Year It’s Been (2014 Edition)

2014 has been a year which I’d rather forget. Despite of the joys I’ve experienced, I was laid off in February and I’ve struggled to find gainful employment since then. I’m having more luck generating interest in my services outside of my home province. (It wasn’t an interview request, but it was something.)

In a year filled with stress and disappointment, the one thing which has consistently given me joy is making mashups. Writer’s block notwithstanding, I’ve been going non-stop since the beginning of this year…heck, before that. With the exception of “Super Wannabe Bros.,” “Piranha Shake” and “Need My Baby Now” (I’d especially take back that last one if I could), I think I’ve managed to make combinations which stand head-and-shoulders above the dreck flooding the scene right now. That may sound arrogant, but some of the mashups I’ve heard can only be described as dreck.

Even within my own body of work, some combinations resonate more personally than others do. They may have given me the chance to use a well-known song. They may have involved songs which came together to produce a wickedly hilarious result. They may have even caused me to shed tears while I was putting them together.

Out of the thirty-seven mashups I made in 2014, these are my favourites. I’ve listed them in chronological order.

I Don’t Switch (Amon Tobin vs. Fall Out Boy) | Download

Please Don’t Fire Me (Pink vs. Vangelis) | Download

Beautiful Panther (Henry Mancini vs. Marilyn Manson) | Download

Everybody Wants Something (Tears For Fears vs. A Great Big World) | Download

You Got Party Rock (LMFAO vs. Roy Orbison) | Download

Apologize To Marilyn (OneRepublic vs. Conrad Pope) | Download

If You’re Gone (Bonobo vs. 3 Doors Down) | Download

Kill The Final Deceptihog (Europe vs. La Roux vs. Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth) | Download

What’s In The Foreground (Marvin Gaye vs. Grizzly Bear) | Download


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