An Unexpected Kindness

As I said in a previous entry, I’ve had my fair share of dark days recently. Any unexpected act of kindness goes a long way, like the one I experienced last night.

I sometimes head down to the Air Canada Centre (ACC) and watch hockey and basketball games on one of the small screens in the concourse at gate 1. This enables me to get out of my apartment and do something without having to pay a cent (my monthly transit pass notwithstanding). Yesterday, I did the same thing, but an unexpected twist happened as the Toronto Raptors started taking on the Memphis Grizzlies.

A complete stranger offered me a ticket. As usual, I thought the person was scalping, so I dismissed him. Then he said that his ticket was a free ticket. (!!!)

I was still a bit skeptical, but I ended up taking the ticket (and my chances). After offering profuse thanks, I headed to gate 3, hoping that I wasn’t being punk’d. I’m happy to report that the stranger and the ticket were legit.

I couldn’t have picked a better night for this to happen. As part of their 20th anniversary celebrations, the Raptors paid tribute to one of their former players, Vince Carter. Since I was admitted into the stadium during the tribute, I didn’t experience all of it, but I did witness the standing ovation given to Mr. Carter. I also experienced a thrilling game where the Raptors came back from behind to claim victory. Until last night, I’ve only seen the intensity of Raptors fans at the ACC on television, so it was truly something else to actually take it in firsthand. By the time Kyle Lowry sank his game-clinching last shot, everyone in the stadium was on their feet.

If I don’t get the opportunity to attend a Raptors playoff game, yesterday’s match definitely felt like one.



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