There aren’t many things which give me joy these days. I’m going through a dark period.

I was laid off in February and I’m still unemployed. The search for my next job is depressing; I haven’t had any interviews yet. I hoped to start one particular job in September, but that fell through.

My finances are in the red. I’ve already done one cash advance on one of my credit cards. My credit line is maxed out. My employment insurance runs out in a few months. The prospect of financial ruin sometimes gives me fits.

I’m still as lonely as I’ve ever been, perhaps even more so. It would be one thing if I had a network to help me cope with this situation, but I don’t even haveĀ that.

In the midst of this hurricane, I’ve done many mashups…maybe more than I should have. I confess that I’ve worked on mashups when I should have been searching for a job. I know that is wrong, but making mashups doesn’t leave me in an emotional gutter when I’m done (unless I have to scrap them, but at least that’s for the best).

I can’t afford therapy, so this will have to do.


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