Radio Poirot

I get the odd/weird/strange tag a lot. My first Frontpaged mashup at The Stix, “E.T. Eats Peanuts,” got comments like “This is… different” and “I don’t think your brain is wired up properly.” Even when I don’t think I’m being so weird, I still end up surprising at least one person.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In making mashups, I see myself as a DJ at the world’s coolest radio station. I get to curate the playlist and introduce listeners to music they may not have previously considered. Much like top 40 radio stations, I could play what everyone else is playing, but I see no point in doing that. I’m not 100% against that method; when they’re well-made, mashups combining popular songs are as enjoyable as those with obscure sources. Heck, I’ve mashed up songs like “The Fox” and “Stay The Night,” but in both cases, I made sure to pair them with instrumentals which put those songs in unexpected contexts.

One of the comments about my latest mashup, “Tik Tok Bang!,” cited the lack of a Ninja Tune source in that mashup. I do my best to diversify my sources, especially my instrumentals. However, I’ve used the Ninja Tune discography multiple times (especially music by Amon Tobin and Bonobo) and I won’t stop doing that anytime soon. Given the choice of mashing up Ninja Tune instrumentals and top 40 ones, I’d much rather do the former.

There is a truth in the expression about “getting lost in the crowd”: the best way to avoid standing out in any given endeavour is to do what the crowd is doing.


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