If It Ain’t Broke…

My protocol for releasing any new mashup is as follows:

  • Upload the mashup to DropBox and HearThis.
  • Solicit feedback at Mashstix. If changes are necessary, I make them at this stage.
  • After the mashup gets Frontpaged (or after I give up hope of that happening), I upload it to SoundCloud and YouTube. I also submit it to mashup sites like MashupCiti.

Given the proficiency I’ve gained, I considered changing this process. I thought I could simultaneously upload future mashups to all of my channels and submit them to Mashstix. By doing that, I wouldn’t need to wait for a green light from the Stix before getting the release process over with. However, my last two mashups, “Apologize To Marilyn” and “What Vesper Has Done,” have convinced me to leave this process unchanged. No matter how good of a producer I become, there is always the possibility that I haven’t explored an option which would improve the mashup.

In the case of “What Vesper Has Done,” my initial attempt at balancing the sources’ volumes was misguided. There are sections during the instrumental where the volume becomes very loud, so I balanced the volumes around these points. In my revision of this mashup, I used the quieter parts as a balancing basis. This second version is likely the one which will see a wide release.


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