New Mashup: I Dream Of Genie (Buddy Kaye & Hugo Montenegro vs. Eugenie Bouchard vs. Chris Evert)

Trust me when I say that this “mashup” was unplanned. I don’t even think it’s a mashup in the strictest sense of that word, but since I can’t find a better term for it, I’ll go with “mashup” for now.

Eugenie Bouchard made tennis history and became the first Canadian player to reach a Grand Slam final. Since I’m pretty good with a pun, I wanted to make a connection between her nickname and a certain TV show. Unfortunately, someone on Twitter already beat me to it.

That’s when I reminded myself that since I’m a mashup producer, I’ve got more than one way to make a pun. 😉


Buddy Kaye & Hugo Montenegro – “Jeannie” (theme from I Dream Of Jeannie)
TSN Wimbledon 2014 coverage featuring Eugenie Bouchard and Chris Evert


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