New Mashup: You Got Party Rock (LMFAO vs. Roy Orbison)

If there’s one thing you should know by now, it’s that I can’t resist a good joke…even when I’ve already used the acapella in question.

I originally came up with this idea about one month ago. When I vetted the quality of the instrumental, I thought that it sounded very good, but the presence of background vocals stopped me from bringing this mashup to fruition. That turned out to be a temporary delay; shortly after watching the new X-Men movie a few weeks ago, this same combination popped up in my mind again. Suddenly, those same background vocals were no deterrent to this mashup’s completion.

Hopefully, you get as much of a laugh out of it as I did.


LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock – “Party Rock Anthem
Roy Orbison – “You Got It


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