Last night, I reviewed a few mashups at The Stix, one of which was G3RSt‘s “Tell ‘Em A Thing Called Love” (spoiler alert: it seriously rocks). Afterward, I checked out his website and perused his bio, where I found out that he’s been making mashups since 2006. In other words, he’s been messing with your favourite songs for nearly ten years!

I made my first mashup in 2010, so I’ve been making mashups for almost four years. That said, I don’t think I made any in 2011, so that total is closer to almost three years rather than four. With mashup ideas, I have dry periods every now and then, but since “Funky Toes,” I’ve had a pretty good run. As long as people keep releasing new music, I shouldn’t have to worry about running out of sources, right?

Actually, I don’t know.

It’s been a long time since I actively sought out music by people I’ve never listened to. My last CD purchase was either Ed Rush & Optical’s The Creeps or John Mayer’s Paradise Valley, but I wasn’t discovering these artists for the first time. In Mayer’s case, I’m already a huge fan; I own every studio album starting with Room For Squares. At some point, I’m bound to exhaust the sources I’m already familiar with, particularly instrumentals which aren’t so well-known. Once that happens, I’ll either have to quit making mashups or actively seek out new music in earnest. Since my goal is to make mashups for as long as possible, I’d be much more at peace with the latter option.


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