New Mashup: Check-Out And Play (Offspring vs. Ed Rush & Optical)

My latest mashup drought only lasted a few weeks, but it felt like forever. I wasn’t really struggling for ideas, but what I was coming up with just didn’t get me excited enough to put the work in. I considered mashups which I previously attempted, but I kept running into the same frustrating result.

Then I took a bus ride.

Here’s some context: I got some much-needed assistance on my resume from a Twitter friend. After he dropped me off at a bus terminal, I continued my journey home on GO bus route 27F. During that ride, I had an epiphany about a mashup idea which previously stumped me. The then-insurmountable challenge was editing the instrumental down without diluting its impact. In that moment of clarity, every mental hurdle vanished and I was able to start actualizing a concept which sounded awesome in my mind.

I’ll let you be the judge of whether it still sounds awesome. Forgive my bias, but I think it does. 🙂


Offspring – “Come Out And Play
Ed Rush & Optical – “Check-Out Time


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