New Mashup: Metric Morning (Metric vs. The Chemical Brothers vs. Tom Cheek)

Despite my city being in the news for the less-than-scrupulous behaviour of Mayor Rob Ford, I’m always proud to represent Toronto on the mashup scene. I feel that this mashup is most representative of my hometown and current homebase; Metric is originally from Toronto and Tom Cheek was a legendary announcer for our Major League Baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Obviously, The Chemical Brothers aren’t from Toronto, but Dig Your Own Hole was my gateway to electronic music, so they’re forgiven.

I didn’t plan to use a sample of Tom Cheek’s infamous call of Joe Carter’s World Series-winning home run when I started this project, but then I remembered that Metric’s “Stadium Love” was used by the Blue Jays as their official song of the 2013 season. When I considered possible samples to strengthen that connection, the aforementioned Tom Cheek call was the obvious choice. Heck, it was the only choice.

If you mention “touch ’em all, Joe” to anyone who was around when the Blue Jays won that second World Series championship, they’ll know what you mean.


Metric – “Stadium Love
The Chemical Brothers – “Morning Lemon
Tom Cheek – 1993 MLB World Series play-by-play, game 6


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