I have two websites where I feature my mashups: HearThis and SoundCloud. I avoid having premium accounts, so when I reach my upload limits, I have to delete older mashups. This doesn’t sit well with me; no matter how many mashups I do, I want people to be able to track my progress.

I used to upload my mashups to YouTube, but I decided to stop doing that. Why go through the hassle of uploading a “video” when it’s really just a static image with audio? Recently, I thought of a very good reason: no matter how many mashups I delete from the aforementioned sites, they’ll always be available on YouTube (unforeseen catastrophes and geographical blocking notwithstanding).

With that in mind, I’ve resurrected my YouTube channel. Have fun…and if you feel like making a video for one of my mashups, give me a shout. Just be sure to keep it clean!


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