New Mashup: Need My Baby Now (Lady Antebellum vs. Justin Bieber & Ludacris)

This mashup almost didn’t happen.

The original idea for it came when I heard Sheryl Crow’s “My Favourite Mistake” on the radio while I was working. When her chorus came in, I started singing the chorus from another song: Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. I thought I had a viable mashup idea, but my search for the Crow instrumental proved unfruitful. Fortunately, Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” popped into my mind as another candidate to match with The Bieb. After working the keys out, I concluded that this match was possible and decided to work on it.

Then I got cold feet.

During the verses in “Need You Now”, the keys switch from A to D flat. That latter key is the relative minor of the song’s main key of E major, so no issues there. However, what about that A key? Wouldn’t I fall into the Fifths Trap whenever Justin sings his E major (pitched up from the original key of E flat) over it?

In a word: no.

Remember the detective work I did last year which made me lose sleep? I did a much shorter version of it while I was showering a few days after I got the initial idea. Since that A is the sixth key in D flat minor’s scale, I figured that I shouldn’t have any key issues with The Bieb’s verses. When I came to that conclusion, I decided once and for all to do this mashup.

Here’s the result.


Lady Antebellum – “Need You Now
Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris – “Baby


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