New Mashup: H! Vltg3 R0ar (Katy Perry vs. Linkin Park, Evidence & DJ Babu)

I’m currently on a social media hiatus. It’s been very nice to be free of distractions while working on my mashups, so when I feel like hunkering down to bring any given project closer to completion, I can do so effectively.

I didn’t plan to do two Linkin Park mashups in a row, but I scrapped what I thought would end up being my 37th mashup because I didn’t like how the acapella ended up sounding. In its place is this number which I completed in a matter of days; I deliberately sought to avoid overthinking any given element.

It’s nothing too deep or serious; I don’t always feel like freaking people out with my crazy.


Katy Perry – “Roar
Linkin Park – “H! Vltg3” (Evidence remix feat. Pharoahe Monch & DJ Babu)


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