New Mashup: Fallin’ For Kraid (Alicia Keys vs. Select Start)

I’ve always had a weakness for video game music. Back in the days of cassette players, I would put my radio up to the speaker so that I could record music from games like Mega Man 3.

A few years ago, I attended a free Video Games Live concert here in Toronto; hearing classical interpretations of this music made for an unreal experience. I also bought a CD by Select Start where, among other things, they put a classical spin on the music from Kraid’s stage in Metroid.

As usual, an idea suddenly came out of nowhere. Alicia Keys’ “Fallin'” and Select Start’s “Kraid’s Hideout” have the same key and time signature, so why not put them together?

Here’s the result of that experiment. Mashup #34…


Alicia Keys – “Fallin’
Select Start – “Kraid’s Hideout


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