Stickler Gets Stuck

I am usually a stickler for details, to the point where I sometimes spend more time proofreading a document than typing it. Given that character trait, you’d think that I’d scrutinize my acapellas before using them in my mashups.

I do, but not every time. I’m not too proud of that.

Take the case of my latest mashup, “When I’m Hurt”. (I haven’t posted the link here yet, but I will when I’ve made the final version). The acapella is an Anna Kendrick song from Pitch Perfect called “Cups (When I’m Gone)“. This afternoon, I watched the video for that song and noticed that I didn’t even use parts of the choruses which I would have used if I had checked them out beforehand. Nobody called me out on this, but given my detail-oriented disposition, I feel like an idiot for neglecting something which should have been basic procedure.

That wasn’t my only mental lapse during this project, neither. While I was working on the new version of this mashup last night, I steeped a cup of tea in the kitchen. I only meant to do that for ten minutes, but thanks to being so focused on my work, I forgot about that tea for nearly one hour. So much for that…

I’ve already foregone sleep and food for the sake of my creativity, but I didn’t know that I had it in me to forego thought.


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