(Here’s The Story) Morning Glory?

Despite the revisions I made to “Latin Uprising“, something still bothered me about it: the wobbling on the acapella. I made another go of reducing it in Sound Forge (SF) last night, but no matter what I did, it was still very evident. I decided to put it aside and go to bed.

This morning started like any other: waking up, praying, considering another go at obliterating the wobble. Wait a minute, that last one wasn’t planned…

Just like that, I turned on my PC and got to work.

FL Studio has a plugin named Edison which can be used for timestretching, among other things. I’ve previously tinkered with it unsuccessfully, but given the lack of results I got in SF, I was very willing to give it another shot. After a long time of seemingly getting nowhere, I finally got the solution I was looking for.

Unfortunately, this story doesn’t end there.

Recall that this session was unplanned. I told my mom that I’d shower at 5:00 a.m., but that’s about the time that I turned my computer on. I didn’t end up showering until about 6:15. Mom was not happy about rushing to complete her shower for nothing…really not happy. She might have thought that I tricked her into thinking I’d shower at 5:00 when I really planned to work on my mashup, but honest to God, that wasn’t the case.

Tempers flared a bit. I raised my voice a bit. I ended up repeating that I didn’t plan this session.

I should know better than to possibly derail my whole day by tinkering with my mashup early in the morning, but given the choice between that and wasting mental energy on it throughout the day, I’d still go with the first option. Fortunately, thanks to an unexpected circumstance, it hasn’t ended up doing too much damage (and my mashup is much better for it).


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