New Mashup: Latin Uprising (Muse vs. Medeski Martin & Wood)

I had another mashup idea. Heck, I even started working on it. However, a sudden flash of inspiration derailed that plan very quickly.

I suddenly made a connection between two songs which I hadn’t listened to in a while. While the challenge of turning the nine-minute instrumental into something manageable was daunting, it’s also what lured me into giving this idea a chance. I ended up having to reject the second half of that song; it would have been too much to use the whole thing.

That said, there’s one part in the first half which I did use without making any alterations. Among other things, that means I didn’t use the acapella in any part of it.

Get ready for a jazzy throwdown.


Muse – “Uprising
Medeski Martin & Wood – “Latin Shuffle


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