Audience Of One

Among the comments I’ve been getting on my latest mashup, “Big Furry Fox“, a few have pointed to its lack of mass appeal. GOOD.

I’m not on a mission to intentionally alienate people with my mashups, but I don’t make them for anyone other than myself. If “the kids” don’t like them, tough luck. If they get less plays at The Stix compared to work by other producers, that’s fine by me. I don’t want to “game the market”; it’s too much work and I’ll end up producing mashups which I’m not passionate about. That would be an insult to everyone who has ever struggled to be creative.

When I got the idea for “Big Furry Fox”, I didn’t care that most people wouldn’t recognize Amon Tobin‘s name. I was just eager to combine a song with someone singing about animal noises and another song containing said noises. Sure, I loathe one half of that combination, but the idea was good enough to mitigate that hatred.

While I appreciate it when other people like my mashups, if I don’t, then I might as well never do them.


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