New Mashup: Big Furry Fox (Ylvis vs. Amon Tobin)

I never thought that I would mash up Ylvis’ “The Fox“. I first heard it, I loathed it; I still do, though less so now. It’s unsuitable for anyone older than five.

Two things happened which led to this mashup. First, the inevitable mashups started showing up at The Stix, including one from GenErik called “Higher State Of Foxiness“. Intense dislike for the Ylvis song aside, I thought he did a pretty good job with it. Second, I remembered a song by Amon Tobin called “Big Furry Head” (from his Foley Room album); it contains tiger sounds which were sampled by Mr. Tobin.

Let’s see…a song with someone singing about animal noises, combined a song with actual animal noises?! Hmm…this could get very interesting.

My 30th mashup, which I completed just before my 34th birthday. 🙂


Ylvis – “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)
Amon Tobin – “Big Furry Head


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