In My Own Company (The Blend, Part 2)

Yesterday, I blogged about why I do mashups. I didn’t lie, but I also didn’t tell the whole story.

I am a loner and an introvert. The time I spend in my own company is precious to me. For example, some people find it weird to see movies in a theatre without friends, but I do it frequently…preferably on Tuesdays, because I’d rather pay seven bucks than thirteen.

I’m not game for too many social gatherings, neither. There have been a few times where I’ve actually left events early due to the intense discomfort I sometimes feel when I’m an island in a group of people who already know each other. I try to arrive very early to mitigate that risk, but I can only lessen it, not eliminate it completely.

After years of wishing that things were different and being told that things should be different, I’ve had to stop trying to change something which has been a part of me since I was in grade school. In embracing my crazy, I’ve also had to embrace that, however hard it was and continues to be.

Anytime I make mashups, it’s just me, my computer and the music. No interruptions, nobody trying to grab my attention (apart from my mom), no discomfort. It’s my ideal environment and I think I do pretty good work when I’m in it.

Spending so much time in my own company makes for a lot of thinking and internal dialogue. Often, a song will randomly pop up in my mind. Sometimes, another one will suddenly pop up and I’ll start making connections between the two. This is how “E.T. Eats Peanuts” and “Sandman P.I.” came to be.

Last night, I was considering a possible note clash in the mashup I’m working on. Between the songs, the keys are compatible, but the acapella sometimes goes into one key which isn’t in the instrumental’s scale. To help in confirming my suspicion, as I lay in bed, I hummed each scale right before I closed my eyes. Who the heck does that?!

Fortunately, I found a way around that minor issue…

So yes, I love the blend. I also love being in my own company, sometimes more than I like being in the company of other people.


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