I Love The Blend

I’m reading a book by Jim Treliving called “Decisions: Making The Right Ones, Righting The Wrong Ones“. In the first pages, he outlines his yardstick for making career decisions: enthusiasm.

I’ve never made decisions about work rationally or even instinctually; I make them with my heart. I have to love what I do. I have to feel that same passion for my work that I do for my favourite people. …If a decision about work creates more enthusiasm, it’s often the right one.

Why do I make mashups? Why do I spend so much time making combinations which people may or may not understand, or even like?

It is not for the reward of going viral. I know someone who has done that with one of his mashups (“Call Me A Hole” by pomDeter) and perhaps this possibility was on my mind when I started out, but I’ve moved beyond that motive.

It’s definitely not the possibility of getting another Frontpage (FP) at The Stix. I’ll be honest: getting an FP is a drug. Make no mistake: once you get that first hit, you crave more of it. Okay…I do, but it’s not my driving force. I’ve already seen the consequences of an FP-or-else mentality: instead of letting their mashups speak for themselves, people will rant about how their work is obviously worthy of acclaim, making themselves look like petulant children and erasing a lot of goodwill in the process. I don’t want that.

I make mashups because I love the blend. I am enthusiastic about embracing my crazy and sharing it with people, to the point where I am willing to forego food and sleep. Last night, I started working on my 30th mashup. As I was about to go to bed, I thought that I should take a few minutes to correct something. I ended up staying up about another hour.

Long before I knew about getting FPs at The Stix (or that The Stix even existed), I made a mashup called “Call Me Dangerous“. It’s not a huge genre clash, but I thought there was something very funny about combining a song where a man leers at a woman with another one where a woman says, “Call me maybe.” That was the second mashup which I thought was decent enough to upload; given that I received very little feedback, I should have just stopped, right?

No, because I love what I do.

If I never get another Frontpage at The Stix, I’ll be okay with that. Mind you, it’ll hurt like hell, but that hurt will eventually be soothed when I get another idea which is so crazy that I’ll tell myself that I shouldn’t do it.

…Then I’ll go ahead and do it anyway.


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