Good Advice (That You Just Can’t Take)

I’ve been posting my mashups at The Stix for a few months now. It’s been good to see critical feedback on my work; other than brief comments at SoundCloud or on Twitter, I’ve was missing out on this important element. No matter how good you think you are, there’s always something you can do to get better.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll agree with all of the feedback you receive.

When I released “California Goldrush“, G3RSt was one of the first people to offer his critique. He thought that the high end needed to be brought up and that the mashup needed to be sped up a little bit. I ended up disagreeing with the latter comment, but when Rrodd echoed it later on, I gave it a try to see whether it could work. After a speed increase of about seven BPM (via pitch shifting), I thought that it was simply too fast.

That mashup ended up being Frontpaged after I tweaked the high end, but I stuck to my guns on the speed issue. Still, I’m just grateful that someone with 67 Frontpagers at The Stix since 2009 and counting (!!!!) took time out of his schedule to give feedback on my mashup.

There’s a similar story behind my latest mashup, “In The Vieux Carre“, but it has a different outcome. I submitted it to The Stix yesterday morning; in his feedback, SpareElbowSkin loved everything about it…except for my decision to put Linkin Park’s third verse over Trombone Shorty’s solo. I initially disagreed with his reasoning, but I did see where he was coming from when he said that the solo and Linkin Park were fighting for attention. Normally, I would have waited for more feedback before deciding to make changes, but my so-called “better judgement” once led me to wait too long to ask out a woman who is now happily dating someone else.

Throwing caution to the wind, I separated the solo from Linkin Park’s third verse as soon as I got home yesterday. It wasn’t too much work; I just had to do some reconfigurations. Judging from the feedback I’ve received for this second version, I made the right decision; this second version should become the official version (and my sixth Frontpage) by the time the weekend is over.


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