New Mashup: In The Vieux Carre (Linkin Park vs. Trombone Shorty)

A few weekends ago, I visited a downtown Toronto record store with no intention of leaving with any new mashup ideas. When I visited the third floor, I noticed a new album by Trombone Shorty, Say That To Say This. As I played the fourth track, “Vieux Carre”, I started singing the hook from one of Linkin Park‘s first hit songs.

I tried so hard and got so far…

At that moment, another mashup idea was born. I didn’t immediately decide to bring it to completion, but after scrapping an idea involving Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”, this combination seemed to be the right one to follow “Turfin’ G.A.G.A.” with.

I initially posted this mashup to SoundCloud and HearThis on October 17th, but after seeing SpareElbowSkin’s feedback at The Stix, I changed the structure to give prominence to the trombone solo. I’m pretty sure that this new version will end up being the final version, especially if feedback from a few other Stix members has anything to do with it.

Mashup #29…


Linkin Park – “In The End
Trombone Shorty – “Vieux Carre


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