New Mashup: Turfin’ G.A.G.A. (Lady Gaga vs. Brad Paisley)

“Doesn’t Brad Paisley have an instrumental album?”

I remember thinking that thought one evening on my way home from work. I eventually previewed clips from this album, Play; when I started singing Lady Gaga’s “Applause” over “Turf’s Up”, I got another mashup idea. It wasn’t fully formed in my mind yet, but I knew exactly which section of the instrumental would serve as the backing for Gaga’s prechoruses. However, due to a possible key clash resulting from one chord progression in Paisley’s song, I ended up scrapping this idea.

Even after this rejection, I couldn’t completely put this mashup aside. Fortunately, a bout of overthinking made me realize that it may be possible to marry an instrumental country tune with an electropop song. Heck, the finished product might even sound pretty good!

I’ll leave the final judgement call to you, but as far as I’m concerned, this is one idea I’m glad I brought to completion.

For your listening pleasure, mashup #28…


Lady Gaga – “Applause
Brad Paisley – “Turf’s Up


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