New Mashup: California Goldrush (Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg vs. The Herbaliser Band)

This isn’t a new idea to me. I tried it a few months ago, but I scrapped it for God knows what reason. Since its files were still in my “drafts” folder, I gave it a second look and decided to bring it to completion.

Before I did that, however, I tried to match the “California Gurls” acapella with another song: “Scrape” by µ-Ziq.

I would have gone with this match had it not been for one issue: the synth which comes in at 0:13 is a bit sharp compared to the strings. Before recently, I’ve never noticed this issue in all of the years I’ve been listening to this song. It’s possible that other people would not have noticed, but it’s also possible that they would have.

Fortunately, the match I previously scrapped ended up working pretty well in the end.


Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg – “California Gurls
The Herbaliser Band – “Goldrush


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