Analysis Paralysis

I’m an overthinker. This can be a blessing, like when I reconcile my finances. Unfortunately, this can also be a curse, like when a woman tells me that she feels like she’s known me her whole life and I still wonder if she sees me as more than a friend.

As I speak, I’m working on my next mashup; it’s an idea which I previously scrapped. Before restarting it, I checked the keys of the acapella and instrumental for compatibility using the harmonic mixing wheel and FL Studio.

Even having done this, I have moments where I check the keys in any given section to avoid note clashes. This is a well-advised move, but not when I’m scrutinizing the singer’s every note to see if it matches the instrumental. Just this morning, I checked an Internet song key database for the acapella; it’s listed as being in D minor. Unfortunately, when I checked Wikipedia last week, the key was listed as F major. You can imagine how this threw me off-kilter for a few minutes.

Nonetheless, I’m going to release this mashup, potential warts and all. If it ends up ruining my FP hot streak at The Stix, so be it. Sometimes, you just have to learn by doing, even if it means that you will stumble.


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