Does Not Play Well With Others

I can’t see myself collaborating with other mashup producers.

I’m not a snob, nor am I unfriendly. I just don’t understand how two or more people collaborate on mashups. Does one person come up with an idea while another executes it? Perhaps one person arranges each element while another mixes and masters the final product. If those processes work for other people, then more power to them.

As for me, I wouldn’t call myself a control freak, but I don’t care to deal with the possibility of someone else critiquing my work when it’s not even done yet (apart from, say, giving previews to people I trust). I’m hard enough on myself as is; for example, as much as I love “E.T. Eats Peanuts“, I still wish I considered carving the instrumental to make room for the vocals. Besides, if I get a really wacky idea for a mashup or a trick within a mashup, I refuse to let someone else tell me that I can’t do it (unless, for example, the keys are incompatible). Two of my last three mashups would never have happened if I let naysayers use my ears as garbage cans.

As it is with other facets of my life, so it is with my mashups. Leave. Me. Alone.


2 thoughts on “Does Not Play Well With Others

  1. Here’s what a mashup collab looks like: Someone tells you this song and that song would go well together meanwhile they’re in different keys and time signatures, but they whistled it on the bus and it seemed to work. They tell you that if you can make the mashup work, they will retweet you and stuff.

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