New Mashup: Tightrope Revolution (Coldcut vs. Janelle Monáe & Big Boi)

You may be disappointed to find out that this idea didn’t give me any giggles, not did it make anyone get pissed off at me on public transit. It did, however, cause me to stay up an extra two hours just to get it started; it came to me right before going to bed last Friday night.

I’ve done “easy listening” mashups like “Ocean Diamonds” and even “E.T. Eats Peanuts“, but rest assured that CHFI won’t be playing this one anytime soon. By the way, if you’re not from Toronto and you don’t get that reference, I don’t care. 😛

Presenting one of my most un-subtle mashups ever.


Coldcut – “Re:Volution
Janelle Monáe feat. Big Boi – “Tightrope


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