New Mashup: “Sandman P.I.” (Metallica vs. Mike Post & Larry Carlton)

So…I did a mashup which got a ton of positive feedback and got frontpaged at Mashstix, resulting in over 1,100 plays. I didn’t expect any of that. How in the world would I follow that up?

This is a true story.

One week ago, I was on my way to my company’s office when a ridiculous idea struck me, which caused me to giggle…a lot. In fact, this giggling was so intense that when I was on the subway, a woman asked me why I was giggling. I was about to tell her the reason when she told me to put my box on the floor. This had absolutely nothing to do with her question, but whatever…

She eventually confessed that she thought I was laughing at her.

Let’s recap: a total stranger let her insecurity get in the way of my happiness at conjuring up another unlikely mashup combination. Why so serious, Toronto? (I did actually say that out loud.)

You should know the rest of the story by now. Ladies and gentlemen, the follow-up to the best mashup I’ve ever done…


Metallica – “Enter Sandman
Mike Post feat. Larry Carlton – “Theme From Magnum P.I.


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