A Lesson In Humility

As you may know, one of my mashups got frontpaged at Mashstix a few weeks ago. Not only that, but it got a lot of feedback. I never expected any of these things to happen with my second submission at The Stix.

Given these events, I had high hopes last Saturday when I submitted my latest mashup, “Sandman P.I.” However, as the days and views increased with very little feedback (the grand total of one comment), I took the hint.

This morning on Twitter, I was talking to Bizaaron, a fellow mashup producer who also tasted some success a few weeks ago, getting one of his mashups mentioned in a Huffington Post article. I told him about my frustrations about the lack of feedback on my mashup.

He said this…

…then I realized that he had a very good point.

Let’s put things into perspective, shall we?

In any given week, Mashstix gets many submissions on its forum. Many producers never get their work frontpaged at all, let alone on their second try. Even the forum moderators don’t get frontpaged with every submission, nor do they always get a ton of feedback. So how can I expect my situation to be any different? For God’s sake, I’ve been a member for less than one month!

Furthermore, how many people can say that they’ve done a mashup which has been played more than one thousand times?!

I say none of this to brag, but rather, to put myself in check. In the end, I’m a mashup producer who wants to be heard, just like every other one. My job is to produce great mashups and provide valuable feedback on others’ mashups, not lash out like a child when things don’t go the way I want them to.


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