Situation Critical

My Mashstix adventures continue in earnest.

Earlier this week, I submitted one of my previous mashups, “Take Me RoboPimpin’“, to the Mashstix forum. I didn’t think there were any problems with it, but the feedback I got suggested otherwise. In particular, there were key clashes which I had no clue about.

Seeing this feedback made me think about my previous mashups and put them in a more critical light than I have in the past. Looking back, there were issues I ignored for the sake of the mashup – that is, I was so excited about putting the songs together that I ignored issues which should have been obvious. Mind you, they didn’t strike me as obvious at the time, but given the feedback I’ve seen and received at Mashstix, I know better now. For example, “Bulletproof Style” is one of my favourite works, but there are definitely parts where Elly Jackson’s notes clash with the instrumental. I would have corrected these clashes had I not missed them.

Inevitably, I also reflected on the success of “E.T. Eats Peanuts“. Given how previous note clashes went completely over my head, I’m surprised – and very grateful – that this mashup was pretty much spotless in that regard (apart from one small note clash in the bridge, but I kind of suspected it). The idea of mashing up the Peanuts theme was undeniably crazy and appealing to me, but if the end result had too many flaws, it would have been a waste.

This leads me to my latest mashup, “Sandman P.I.”, which I completed this morning. It’s not officially out yet; I haven’t uploaded it to SoundCloud or YouTube. However, given previous note clashes I’ve unintentionally missed, I played it safe this time. There’s one part in each chorus where I pitched the acapella to suit the instrumental. It sounds fine to me, but I’ve been wrong before. Therefore, I did a second version where the chorus is modified and the risk of note clashes is significantly lower. With that said, I very much prefer the regular version; it uses more of the instrumental and it’s not sterile, unlike the safe version. Hopefully, I’ll release the regular version in one week, tops.

With that said, if you can’t wait to hear it, you can do so at the Mashstix forum.


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